Thursday, October 22, 2009

What If the Yankees Choked Again?

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I work in North Jersey, which is populated by Mets and Yankees fans. They tend to switch based on who is doing better like they do with the Jets and Giants, but I digress.

Anyway, the Phillies took care of their business last night with a barrage of hits and homers and the Yankmee's are currently down 4-0 to the Angels. Here's a bit of what the eventual winner will have to deal with through the magic of self-made video that captures the sheer joy and love this area has for this team:

Now there is some precedent here as the Yankmee's were up 3-0 against the hated Sox and preceded to lie down. That could happen here. Yankmee's fans were strutting around today as if they had already won telling me they would smack the Phils. Get there first, scrubs.

The laughter from the Delaware Valley would be heard in the Bronx and the crying from Fox would be heard all the way up to Alaska.

I leave you with the fallout of that epic choke (NSFW-ish):

BTW, Fuck New York!

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