Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon News & Notes

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The Phillies can hopefully put the Dodgers away tonight after breaking their hearts on Monday. Manny seems to have washed his hands of this series, as well as his arms, hair, back...

Here's what's news:

-Brit Hume smacks the hell out of the Obama Administration's war against Fox News:

-It's official: The umpiring in the MLB playoffs has been horrid.

-Countrywide fallout: Dems terrified about their shady deals with the loan company becoming public.

-Senator Reid get played again. You're an idiot, Harry, it's a wonder that you still know how to breathe. My apologies to Bob Dylan.

-Another war Obama can't keep from losing.

-Shocker! We won't be getting that TARP money back. Who could've seen that coming?

-Update: Media Matters idiot sets out to smear Hot Air writer and beclowns self by typing the following headline:

I'm don't think "quarantine" means what right-wing blogger Allah Pundit thinks it does

Evidently Eric Boehlert is a fine example of what our public schools have to offer. Even his own commenters are busting on him.

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