Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Morning News & Notes

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It's a good day when the Yankees choke as they did last night. They had the chance to wrap it up after a nice come-back and gave up three to lose it. Sweet.

Anyway, here's what's new in the world:

-New Jersey pays Goldman-Sachs a million a month for non-existent bonds. Is anyone happier than Goldman-Sachs that Obama got elected and Corzine rules NJ?

-The Virginia gubernatorial election is widely seen as a referendum on Obama and a harbinger of what we'll see during next years mid-terms. The Dem is tanking after heavy support from The One and the administration is adding him to the long list of those thrown under the bus that includes his mother, grandmother, Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger....

-So much for that whole transparency thing Obama promised. It's gone the same way as closing Gitmo, ending the war in Iraq, supporting the troops in Afghanistan, Don't Ask Don't Tell...

-The Obama administration's obsession over Fox News just isn't healthy. He's like that girl that gets dumped and starts stalking the dude who dumped her confronting his new girlfriend and threatening her. Except he's a stalker with the entire government behind him. Roger Ailes may find a rabbit boiling on the stove soon.

-The Chicago Way is the way of Obamanation. Be on the lookout for a baseball bat.

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