Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Here's what's news on this night where Michael Vick will play QB for the Eagles and Tim Lincecum faces my Phils. jerkoff supporter bites off pinky of 65-year old anti-socialist medicine protester. Thank goodness Obamacare hasn't passed or the old fella would have had to wait three months to get it replaced.

-Obama "Green Jobs Czar" (whatever the hell that is) is a full-blown truther who believes Bush and Cheney were behind 9/11. This has got to be the most America-hatin' administration ever.

-Some dude with no arms is denied check cashing services because he lacks thumbs to provide a thumb print.

-The Brits do have a way with words, don't they?

-The lovely and eloquent Terri writes about events in Honduras and the shameful way the Obama folks have been treating another democracy.

-Our musical interlude this evening has us enjoying the excellent Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmore wailing and Joe Lynn Turner stretching his pipes and sporting painted on pants that were laughable then and remain so. An 80's flashback:

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