Monday, September 07, 2009

What the Van Jones Saga Tells Us About the Left

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If you get your news from the Internet and not the >NY Times, Washington Post or the networks, you were not the least bit surprised yesterday morning to wake and find that Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" has resigned amid a growing scandal. Left wing sites are chastising themselves for not responding more forcefully, which is amusing because they have stopped taking anything we on the right say seriously simply because they live in a bubble whereby they still think that America went from center-right to left wing and the clear evidence of that is in the win by Barack Obama, but I digress.

Anyway, we have a plethora of pundits and assorted lefties writing what have to be some of the lamest posts we've seen in awhile. Take this one from Carl Pope, the leader of the Sierra Club. Note that he uses all the buzzwords to make his point:

This was a lynch mob (racial reference) and, when it started forming a month ago, we didn't take it seriously enough. When I saw the first Glenn Beck (attack Beck) piece on Van Jones and the Apollo Alliance as the new vast left-wing conspiracy, I could not take it seriously. Silence enabled Fox (evil right-wing news) to keep pushing. The statements for which Jones apologized -- the reference to the right as "assholes" and saying that Bush was talking "like a crack-head" were such ordinary political discourse (minimizing the offenses)-- think Rahm Emmanuel, think Dick Cheney saying "fuck yourself" to Senator Leahy, think Tom Friedman dubbing Bush "the addict-in-chief" -- that I didn't understand why an apology was necessary; I assumed it would blow over.
Cheney telling Leahy to fuck himself is probably typical discourse. However, Friedman calling Bush the "addict-in-chief" was not. It's just that to Pope, it seemed as if it were no big deal since other elements of the formerly fringe left were calling Bush a Nazi, comparing him to Hitler at every turn and blaming him for 9/11 ala Michael Moore. These charges--seen by normal folks as not only insane but another sign of the elitism of the left--were so widespread and normal in liberal circles; a place where I'm guessing Mr. Pope gets his news that they became normal. Many people outside of New York and San Francisco were outraged by the "truthers" and have not forgotten it. The fact that Van Jones signed a petition calling for an investigation and essentially blaming Bush for the attacks by terrorists was all that was needed to open the floodgates of criticism and lead to his ultimate dismissal. Normal people don't buy into the "Bush knew" meme but a good deal the left does so it's difficult for Mr. Pope to understand that outside of his coccoon, the very idea is repulsive to many. That and the fact that Pope doen't even list it as a reason for his departure when it was indeed the main reason says it all.

So the clueless liberal elites continue to kick and scratch like a girl while telling themselves they know the One True Way. Meanwhile, the folks in fly-over country that these same elites believed was theirs for the taking have seen liberal policies and have decided they really don't like them at all.

I can understand how liberals can be really mad; I mean they have a veto-proof majority in the Senate, a huge majority in the House, they have the White House and unfortunately for them, have no leadership in any of the aforementioned so they remain a flailing, rudderless mess while losing any goodwill they gained and possibly losing a gaggle of seats in the mid-terms.

Update: Go read Ace.

Update: The scum of the Internet show themselves to be even scummier than previously thought.

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