Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Night News and Notes

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How y'all doin?

Here's what's goin on in this crazy old world.

-Shocka! States that abided by the time-tested ideals of fiscal conservatism are doing great while those that spent in the time-tested liberal fashion are cratering. The death of conservatism has been exaggerated.

-Sen. Arlen Specter (Turncoat-PA) is finding out that his decision to be politically expedient wasn't such a good idea.

-Things are not going so well in Afghanistan. I trust Michael Yon to give us the straight story more than anyone. I guess we'll start seeing massive protests in San Francisco any day now that the war monger Obama is letting our troops die.

-Big Brother lives.

-Decidedly unstudly stud gets his comeuppance. Not quite sure what they did with the superglue and probably don't want to find out.

-Libs freaking out over the Obama picture plastered around liberal bastion LA pictured at right.

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