Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Four Years Ago, Dissent Was Patriotic

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Back when the left was hoping for more soldier deaths to make Bush look bad and marching in the streets with disgusting posters they claimed that dissent was patriotic. Their action, although despicable were allowed under the first amendment but were far from patriotic.

But now that real Americans and not those rounded up and bussed to protests by groups like ANSWER and Moveon.org are actually peacefully dissenting without going anti-Semitic dissent is suddenly "hooliganism":

There is nothing more patriotic than putting your representative on the hot seat. They are representatives for us in Congress and have one responsibility: to stand up for their constituents.

Note that Mr. Ms. Maddow is appalled that protesters would hold a sign showing their representative as the devil. I seem to recall Ms. Maddow had no problems with this:

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