Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Morning News & Notes

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A ton of things to do today so here's the must-reads:

-Bob at Black & Right is starting a nice new gig next month. Good for him and keep fighting the good fight. On a personal note, I am also starting with a new employer on Monday. It's a nice step for me but posting will most-likely be at different times and possibly less frequently.

-The health care debate rages on. The WaPo and CBO threw about twenty gallons of gasoline onto the fire yesterday. Read the links as the spin is making the liberals look like dervishes.

-I'm sensing a serious tax revolt in the next year and looking at these numbers we'd be highly justified. Pelosi and Reid are not the leaders to stop the coming backlash.

-The Blue Dogs bare their collective teeth.

-California is not holding back on any means of bumping up revenue to balance the budget. This was bound to happen.

-Prominent business men were among those killed and wounded in the Jakarta terror attack. The War on Terror continues unabated even if Obama is sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling "I'm not listening..."

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your new job!