Friday, July 17, 2009

Spending Our Way Into Oblivion

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Those of us who were paying attention knew that an Obama win would equate to massive increases in spending and huge deficits and that was based on the watered down promises he made on the campaign stump. But none of us in our wildest nightmares foresaw what has actually transpired to date and what is now on the verge of being passed.

We have a record deficit of $1-trillion and haven't even taken into account the massive increases in social security yet to come. The stimulus was a sop to Obama's cronies and has decreased jobs since it was passed while the administration is floating the trial balloon of Stimulus: The Sequel. How bad are things? Worse than this graph shows as it's based on things returning to some semblance of normal with regard to the job and housing markets; a not altogether sure thing:

Add to that that there has been no effective decrease in spending elsewhere (with the exception of the military) and you're looking at an IOU that is frighteningly enormous in scope. In just six-months The One has spent us into a hole we'll never get out of. With health care on the horizon and Cap and Tax being rammed through, we haven't seen the end of just what a liberal leader with a perceived mandate can do when he has a compliant Congress and adoring media.

Congressional liberals were mostly held in check under Bush and even Clinton but now they are acting like a scorned wife who has gotten hold of her husbands Visa, Mastercard, Amex and every other card and is spending like crazy and leaving him with the debt load. Every agency has the go-ahead to spend and spend and don't worry, the American people will pay for it whether they want to or not.

Thankfully we're seeing signs the American people are paying attention and saying "enough" even though they've bought into the class warfare rhetoric espoused by the Dems.. Obama's poll numbers are in free-fall and the nation trusts the GOP with the purse strings more than the Dems at this point, a major turn-around (not that the GOP deserves any trust as they were quite reckless themselves when they controlled the cash)

The only way out is taxes and not just soaking the "rich" but taxes on every single American are coming. It may be stealth like increases in gasoline, food or energy but they are definitely coming. That's when the opportunity to expose this massive spending will arise.

The problem is that there's no Republican who has stood up and stated these concerns in a clear, concise manner that will appeal to the fickle middle. Palin may be that person in a few months when Obama's numbers really plummet while the unemployment rate goes up. She can be the neo-Reagan fighting the battles from the far right and exposing every single proposal for the expensive boondoggle it is. Other then her, we don't have anyone with the charisma to hammer the Dems and get the people to not on hear hear her but listen as well.

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