Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama Is Lying Through His Teeth

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Anyone with even the most rudimentary economic skills can tell you that you can't spend $1-trillion and not incur deficits unless you do one of two things: cut spending in other areas or raise taxes. Being that Obama is the uber-liberal, there's no way in hell that he's cutting spending unless it's further cuts in the military sector leaving our men and women fighting with sling shots and crossbows. Or he chooses the other direction, which will levy taxes on the so-called wealthy to such heights that they will flee America in droves.

Which tack will he use? This gives us some idea:

WASHINGTON - President Obama, facing a revolt by centrist Democrats in Congress over the cost of overhauling the health-care system, warned yesterday that "now is not the time to slow down."

He also sought to reassure doubters that he will make sure the plan, which could cost roughly $1 trillion over a decade, won't add to the federal deficit - twice saying, "I mean it."
That's political suicide if it does not live up to it. Either that or he spins it once again where he says he didn't say what he actually said, which has become the trend with this administration. Still, "I mean it" may well become to Obama what "read my lips, no new taxes" was to George H.W. Bush with the only exception being that the MSM will cover for Obama where they dud not for Bush.

Where is the resistance coming from within the Democratic party? The Blue Dogs who come from affluent, generally conservative areas and will have to answer to their constituents come next election cycle:

In addition, 22 mostly freshman Democrats in the House wrote to Speaker Nancy Pelosi voicing concerns about the House plan to raise taxes on the wealthy and some small businesses to help pay for more health-care coverage.
So Obama reverts to form and will make his case to the American people...again:

Perhaps anticipating growing resistance, the president also scheduled a prime-time news conference for Wednesday night.

Obama has been pushing for House and Senate votes on a health-care overhaul before Congress' August recess. The strategy aims to enter the August recess with a burst of momentum behind the legislation, then to thrash out the final details in a House-Senate conference this fall. House or Senate failure to pass initial versions of the measure before the recess could sap momentum from the effort and leave it more vulnerable to opposition.
News conference should be in scare quote because The One has had a history of picking those who will ask questions hand-picked beforehand. Add to that the fact that Americans are plain sick of seeing the due on TV. Turn on the TV, he's there. Watch the All Star game, he's there (throwing like a girl). He's worn out his initial welcome like a house guest who stays well passed the time that you would have liked. We like our presidents to be, well, presidential and Obama is still acting the candidate.

Of course, Speaker Pelosi couldn't allow Obama to take all the credit and she had to get her (botoxed) mug on TV saying:

"Congress has made historic progress on health-insurance reform that will put patients and doctors back in charge," Pelosi said.
"Patients and doctors back in charge" is nothing but buzzwords and rhetoric. Patients and doctors are in charge now and under the health care plan the government would be in charge as never before and would make the British system look like a finely-tuned machine.

Let's see where this goes but the blogosphere is watching.

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Reaganite Republican said...

Well, limousine liberals and MSM "elites", you had your fun... and probably almost broke your arm patting yourself on the back after you got the Dear Leader elected by convincing the plebes that he was some super-human-being that could actually help the country... instead of the arrogant, inexperienced Bolshevik crook that he actually is.
Now you are getting the taxes you deserve, as Barack Obama is going to BLEED YOU DRY. And you can forget writing off your local taxes on your overpriced eastcoast/leftcoast home... you'll be paying more on that, too.
And here's the kicker: you'll be sending alot of that money to people in red states... to people whom you can't stand.

New Yorkers, Californians, residents of the Northeast and the D.C. Corridor, you elected Obama... so step-up and pay those absurd taxes without complaining. You wanted bigger government.. so try THIS on for size.
Those who live in places with more rational state tax structures like will welcome you when you want to move there... well, not really, LOL.
So head-out first-thing Monday morning and jump in your Prius with the "Change" bumper-sticker on the back and GET TO WORK... Chairman O needs your money.