Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Political News & Notes

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With the bailout plan agreed upon, it's time to get back to the daily minutiae of the campaigns with the election a little over a month away.

-Let's start with this story concerning Obama and his high schoolish moment where he rather embarrassingly said in the debate that he too wore a bracelet of a fallen soldier. Did the parents of Sgt. Ryan Jopeck ask him to not wear the bracelet? It sure seems that way. Here's more on Sgt. Jopeck who died from a roadside bomb in 2006 in Tikrit. Note: Jopeck's name is spelled also Jopek.

-Gov. Sarah Palin did what all politicians must do when visiting Philly, she got a cheesesteak 'wit' and fried onions. Instead of Tony Luke's, she should have gone to South Street and Jim's but that's my preference.

Update: Video of Palin at Tony Luke's:

-GOP congressional candidate Chris Myers from my NJ district was formally endorsed by Vets for Freedom. The Medford, NJ mayor is a Navy vet and will be the best candidate to succeed Rep. Jim Saxton. His opponent is an old-school NJ politician who is part of the Dem machine that rules most of South Jersey but hasn't quite been able to make inroads in my county, which votes GOP consistently. Their campaign has been brutal. As an aside, I find it humorous that the Donks are quick to tag someone as a Bush crony when their own party has driven congressional approval ratings to record lows that haven't yet seen the bottom. I'm sure that Speaker Pelosi would be elated to reach the "high" that President Bush now enjoys.

-A GOP local leader is removed by McCain campaign for speaking her mind. If McCain runs this campaign worrying that every sentence will be misconstrued as racist, he will lose.

-Good News: Joe Biden will stay on with the Obama campaign and will continue doing events. Biden if a gaffe-a-minute guy and he is the gift that keeps on giving to right of center bloggers.

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