Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Screwed Up Priorities

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Yesterday was a day in which a category 3 hurricane hit New Orleans again, the Republican national Convention kicked off and we got an al-Qaeda honcho in Somalia. So what is the media talking about? A seventeen year old girl who is five-months pregnant.

By all accounts, FEMA and the Bush administration did stellar work in saving life and property in Louisiana. Governor Jindal handled the natural disaster like he's been doing the job for decades and still, no media reports. I guess Mayor Ray Nagin learned that the buses you have in the city can be used to, you know, evacuate people unlike last time.

The GOP convention was cut back and subdued but it still started yesterday and even cops wrestling with anarchists and sprayed pepper spray like it water from a hose couldn't get the press to report events in St. Paul.

And in Somalia--where a little-reported hot war between the US and al-Qaeda is playing out--we received word that we did indeed kill a major player some time ago. I expect the word about Adam Gadahn's liquidation around Christmas or so.

But no, these stories meant nothing compared to the earth-shattering news that a young girl made a mistake and is now 5-months pregnant. I guess if Bristol Palin got pregnant back during Hurricane Katrina, we'd never have heard about people stacked up in the Superdome and other made atrocities. Nice priorities in our domestic media, eh?

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