Monday, September 01, 2008

Left Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging

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The selection of Gov. Sarah Palin has brought out the absolute ugliest rhetoric from Liberals. We're talking accusations and charges that are usually reserved when discussing Justice Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice who fit the mold the left has created of the sellout to their race (in Palin's case, her gender.)

Folks, we're talking into the gutter and still hitting the gas.

Dean Barnett asks “How low will the left go?” I would answer that by saying that we have no clue. I expect to plumb depths heretofore unseen by the blogosphere.

Barnett rightfully takes Sullivan and Colmes to task as I did yesterday, but what of the websites and blogs that are the real hangouts for the left? People click on Sullivans site and read for a minute or two and as far as I can tell, barely anyone reads Colmes' site at all. The sites where we're really seeing the true colors of these socially aware folks are ones like AmericaBlog where they have posted the single lamest post I've ever read. Check out the comments as well to get a view of just how despicable these people when they sense another loss coming their way.

All generally acceptable limits of good taste are out the window now. It used to be that the children of candidates are off the table (think Chelsea Clinton and how she was never even mentioned by the GOP) but not any more. Within a single day of Sarah Palin being announced, the scum of the lefty blogosphere (but I'm redundant) was saying the newborn child of Palin was actually her daughters and whispering tales of worse (note the commenter cites Olbermann and DKos as sources for charges of incest).

So, to answer Barnett's question; we have not even begun to see the level that Liberals will go to in this election. I'm of the mind to print every single vile remark and ensure it gets the widest dissemination possible. There are a great many women who consider themselves feminist's who will read this garbage and will be pissed enough to either not vote or vote McCain.

We are all about to see the troglodytes of the blogosphere exposed to the light and like the cockroaches they are, hopefully stomped into oblivion.

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