Monday, September 01, 2008

Juxtaposing Biden and Palin

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The left has been quite busy trying to find something; anything to smear Governor Palin. It's been quite unsuccessful as yet but you almost have to admire their tenacity even when proven woefully wrong.

So I've decided to do a comparison of the two to make it easier for the nutroots. This will be an ongoing series that will highlight the stance of both candidates.

Sen. Biden: Plagiarized Neil Kinnock, a socialist, British politician even going so far as to make up personae from whole cloth.
Gov. Palin: Probably never heard of Neil Kinnock and wouldn't use on word of any speech the lefty ever wrote including "and" and "the."

Sen. Biden: Steered lucrative legislation that was harmful to consumers but helped a major credit card firm based in his state and financially helped his so.
Gov. Palin: Cracked down on oil firms and cut massive amounts of wasteful spending.

Sen. Biden: Has slurred Indians and Blacks and just about any other race, color or creed.
Gov. Palin: Wore a shirt that was a little off-color twenty years ago but wouldn't raise an eyebrow now. The fact that she's said numerous times that she hunts and fishes and has been treated as one of the boys all her life must have escaped these idiots.

Next we'll talk about policy decisions.

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