Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Green Revolution Wilts

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I always wondered what the tipping point for the American public was when it came to opting oil exploration over environmental concerns. That point was $4 per gallon.

Now we're seeing a sea change in the concept of green thinking by Americans. They are mush more open to drilling off our coasts and in ANWR, burning whatever coal is necessary to keep electricity affordable, increasing production of shale deposits and ratcheting up natural gas production. They haven't exactly warmed to resuming construction of nuclear plants but that's changing as well.

Perhaps the high cost of fuels and the hypocrisy of eco-celebrities like Al Gore and others have finally made people realize just how ridiculous the carbon offsets garbage is as well as realizing that America is at the forefront of environmental regulation with regards to clean water, air and land.

Here's another view along these same lines.


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