Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pelosi Will Not Allow Hearing On Freddie and Fannie

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Of course she won't, it would be a non-stop parade of Democrats testifying to their misdeeds while running those two bankrupt firms that are currently costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars to keep afloat. Plus the televised hearings would be watched by huge numbers and they would see Rahm Emanuel, Jamie Gorelick, Louis Freeh, Daniel Mudd, William Daley, Obama advisers Franklin Raines and James A. Johnson as well as a cast of about thirty other Democrats--most Clinton cronies, taking the fifth live and in color.

If a Republican-owned McDonalds goes bankrupt, the House under Pelosi holds hearings and Henry Waxman gets to berate the one who was responsible. But when a firm is central to a scandal whereby the entire world economy is affected and the effects could send the US into a depression...no hearings.

I can't see how she can hold these off but she will seriously curtail the witness list one suspects

Another Pelosi failure in leadership. Perhaps Sen. Reid will allow hearings to be held and we can see Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen Obama paraded in front of the TV. I say that facetiously of course.

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