Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Dems Are Melting Down Thanks to Biden

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Joe Biden has been a Godsend to us bloggers on the right, he makes at least a gaffe a day and sometimes we are are blessed with more than one. Whether it be slamming his running mate or alienating a part of the country that is desperately needed for them to win or blithering on like an idiot about FDR when he wasn't in office, it's a Biden gaffe-fest that gets better every single day.

Today we have Biden single-handedly losing any votes in coal producing states that Obama had garnered:

Epic. No coal plants for us but hey, let's clean up China's coal. It sounds like a plan, Joe.

If I didn't know better, I'd think Biden was intentionally throwing this election or maybe he really is that stupid. I wonder if Bill Clinton is paying him off.

I think Geraghty may have been on to something.


Anonymous said...

I only can wonder what Palin would be saying if she could speak to reporters and was not living in a bubble. Oh wait, they got 29 seconds today LOL. You just wait..... Oct 3 is so very close.

Scott said...

Um...Sarah Palin actually has to run a state. Joe Biden runs nothing and never has.

I too can't wait for October second (not third) as Palin will allow Biden to wax on and on and answer questions straight forward.

Can't wait.