Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scumbag Truther Alex Jones Attacks Michelle Malkin

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To cries of Kill Michelle Malkin! Alex Jones showed just how manly he is when he's surrounded by his supporters against a five foot nothing female reporter:

The supreme douchebag Jones sounds exactly like the raving lunatic he is as he rails on about "new world order" and calling MM a "fascist" who "supports torture". I wish I was there to pop the dude right in his truther face. He's the worlds loudest and unmanly pussy.

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Anonymous said...

Malkin is a fascist, who supports torture.
And just because she's all cute and has a pretty face, doesn't mean she should get away with everything.
Don't blame Alex for confronting a short woman, blame the short woman for being a corporate ass-licker, who deserves being confronted.

ikno said...

Those weren't Alex Jones supporters who shouted that stuff about killing!
Those were the recreate 68 instigators, who were trying to give Alex a bad name and you know that!
Stop trying to twist the truth and leave wrong impressions!

Scott said...

Fascist...blah, blah, blah. Jone is a pussy who bullied a woman regardless of looks or height. I guess you condone it too because although not a "corporate ass-licker," you appear to be a Truther ass-licker.

As for you Ikno, if you lay down with the pigs, you'll get dirty. I'm not sure which infection is worse; Alex Jones' trutherism or the recreate 68 anarchism. Jones and the R68 crowd are one in the same with maybe on meaningless difference between them; Jones has less body hair than most of the R68chicks. And one more thing, are you saying Jones isn't an instigator? He went after Malkin, not vice-versa so i guess that's another thing he has in common with R68 idiots.

Y'all come back and see me sometime...or not.

Anonymous said...

Just because she's a woman it doesn't mean she can't be critizised!
She's a friggin nazi advocating racial profiling and concentration camps!
But all you care about is her cute face, right? Besides being crazy and mixing goverment-fed fantasy with reality, you're also a tool.

And yes, AJ went after Malkin. He doesn't just bend over and let the goverment assrape him while pretending everything is honky dorry.

Scott said...

Yeah and profiling probably helped get those idiots trying to shoot Obama.

As for "AJ" not liking to be "ass-raped," I don't know the guy so i can't speak to that.

Finally, Malkin is a reporter, not the "goverment," he attacked a private citizen, not the "goverment," scrub.

Rob Taylor said...

Isn't it predictable that degenerate truther would start claiming that Alex Jones didn't do anything wrong? If I or anyone confronted them the same way they'd cry like babies but they all think that men assaulting women (and legally this was assault) is acceptable.

After all it's how they treat any women stupid enough to be in their lives I'm sure.

And ikno, it was one of the Recreate 68 organizers who came to Malkin's defense. You know, the skinny guy Jones ran away from like a little bitch? Your hero's a yellow dog as my grandfather would say. Maybe it's time for you morons to find a new hero?

I hear O.J. Simpson and Ike Turner are looking for groupies, sorry i meant fans.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the smear and lie campaign is about to backfire on Malkin. Can you spell L-I-B-E-L... as in "Dallas Morning News Libels Alex Jones" ?

Anonymous said...


Alex Jones DID NOT say "kill michelle Malkin". Check out the Goon in the Green shirt behind Alex...who was probably a FED stooge provacatuer.

Alex simply was stating the OBVIOUS.

I'm sure Michelle would squeal with glee if all disssent was quashed under a black uniformed heavy duty Police-State.

Not that we aren't already almost there thanks to the NEO-CONS.