Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Thread #3

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Threads are filling up quickly. Threads #1 and #2 below.

As Matt Lewis pointed out in the thread below, it had better be Palin as the troops are fired up and a liberal ain't gonna cut it.

Update: The MSM checks in and judging by this hit piece, they're mighty scared. Palin is the candidate that does the most for McCain and hurts the Obama campaign in so many ways. Get ready Sarah, the MSM will be brutal if they even sense you hurt their golden child.

Update: Fox confirms.

Update: As does NBC.

Update: It's official, Obama's speech is old news twelve hours after he delivered it. Monumental and groundbreaking my ass.

Update: This is one issue that may make Conservative cringe but it's tolerable IMO.

Update: CNN confirms.

Update: American Thinker makes the case for Palin. A good point:

Can't hit the girl: Joe Biden's debate style could be described as offensive under any circumstances, but he would be thrown off stride by having to go head to head with Palin. Even Hillary Clinton, in no way as "girlish" as Palin is, gained traction on this very issue with her debates in New York while running for Senate.
It does neutralize Biden to some extent.

Update: Jonah Goldberg weighs in.

Update: Afraid of Biden? Biden's a pushover compared to the Bering Sea or North Pacific.

Update: Larry Kudlow definitely approves.

Update: It doesn't seem as if the NY Times approves. Good.

Update: Uh, Rep. Clyburn, Quayle won.

Update: Yeah, they're nervous.

Update: The comments at FDL sound more misogynistic and woman-bashing as anything I've heard from the GOP backers. Typical.

Update: Ed Morrisey has thoughts.

Update: Fred Thompson on Palin.

Only a half-hour until this historic pick is made public.

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