Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Official: McCain Selects Palin!

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Great choice, Senator:

U.S. Senator John McCain today announced that he has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate and to serve as his vice president.

Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president. She has brought Republicans and Democrats together within her Administration and has a record of delivering on the change and reform that we need in Washington.
McCain may have just won this election.

Update: Palin is a forceful, confident speaker who doesn't just read off the tele-prompter. That sound you just heard was the Obama supporters collectively sighing and saying "Damn!" You also heard disaffected Hillary supporters rethinking this whole support Obama thing.

The Obama campaign has a problem, they've lost the news cycle for at least the next three or four days while the media publishes stories about heretofore unknown candidate. They've already had the audacity to attack Palin for her lack of experience and that will backfire dramatically if they continue that tack.

Excellent job, Senator McCain.

Update: Interesting, the question "Isn't it true Sarah Palin's environmental record is the only true green voice compared to the Obama ticket?" was deleted from Yahoo!

Update: Have we ever had running mates whose children when to fight in a war? Palin's son leaves for Iraq on September 11 of this year.

Update: Awesome response to the Obama slam on her small town roots and lack of experience:

It is pretty audacious for the Obama campaign to say that Governor Palin is not qualified to be Vice President. She has a record of accomplishment that Senator Obama simply cannot match. Governor Palin has spent her time in office shaking up government in Alaska and actually achieving results -- whether it’s taking on corruption, passing ethics reform or stopping wasteful spending and the ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Senator Obama has spent his time in office running for President.

Best blog comment yet:

To shatter the glass ceiling She will Use Biden's plugged head as a battering ram

Update: Grudging respect for the pick. It will turn into sheer terror once Palin becomes a bull dog on the trail.

Former Edwards employee (until he canned her) Amanda Marcotte is one bitter chick about this.

Update: An interesting take from one who lived in Alaska. He seems to like Palin even though he's a Democrat and sees her as a good choice. Nice debut, Charles.


yaguara2003 said...

Excellent job?

Mccain picks a VP choice who supports oil drilling and in ANWR, and also who supported aerial slaughter of Alaska despite opposition from the majority of the Alaskan people

Yeah some great choice McSame.


Scott said...

Get out of your bubble, dude. The majority of the public wants to drill and I would say they don't have much opinion on wolves.

The Hillaryites are going to drift and Obama will be but a footnote in history.

yaguara2003 said...

Also do you really want 4 more years of George Bush's failed policies???

I and I think the majority of america don't want a MCSAME in office

We need to start making the richest americans pay their fair share and start giving back to society.

Why put all the burden on the working class? The people who actually work for a living??

Scott said...

Humorous, actually. The president's main job is national security, not as you would like to think entitlements. We've not been attacked since 9/11 so the policies have worked quite nicely.

As for "fair share" of taxes, the richest pay 90% why we pay little comparatively. Obama will raise taxes astronomically and that is not good for you, me, Bill Gates or the guy working for minimum wage. I never got paid by a poor guy.