Friday, August 29, 2008

The Case for Sarah Palin (Updated)

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As we await the noon-time announcement from John McCain as to who his running mate will be, I'll make my case for Gov. Sarah Palin.

Palin is a mother of five who has one son who enlisted in the US Army (infantry) at age eighteen on the 6th anniversary of 9/11. John McCain's son is active-duty military as well. While Biden does have one son deployed in Iraq as a reservist, he is in the JAG Corps and that doesn't exactly compare to the Infantry when it comes to danger. His other son is in the slimy family business of politics and lobbying.

Palin also gave birth to her fifth child knowing that the child would be born with Down Syndrome. Even the most virulent pro-choicer has to respect that and anyone with a disabled child would see the selflessness of her act. The pro-lifers would be appeased as well.

She's essentially clean when it comes to scandals aside from the typical dust-ups that any politician deals with and is an advocate of drilling wherever we can find oil. Granted, her state thrives on oil revenue but she's making a great case repeatedly.

Finally, she would be a ground-breaking choice. Yes, Geraldine Ferraro was a VP candidate once but there was no way that election was going to be won and it was done for political expediency to save a dying campaign. McCain is a few points back and is in the thick of it. Palin would nullify any advantage Obama hoped to get from the convention.

It doesn't seem to be Pawlenty so that leaves Ridge, Romney and Palin in my opinion.

I'm hoping it's Palin.

Update: Hmmm, "The most secretive flight we've ever had"

Here's an opposing view.

I tend to disagree with the thought that Palin is a bad choice because of lack of foreign policy experience. Obama's only experience is visiting Europe and Iraq a couple of times. Biden doesn't know a Brigade from a battallion. I'd rather have a young VP with little FP experience than a young President with no FP experience.

Also, Here's someone who is really digging deep.

Update: This is interesting, a Daily Kos poll has it that Palin would help McCain in the election against The One. Ignore the laziness of the poster who couldn't take time to research the Governor.

Update: FoxNews is jumping on the Palin for Veep bandwagon. It's a tsunami!

Update: Add MSNBC to the list of those saying it's Palin. Juxtapose the secrecy the McCain camp has been able to attain with the botched Obama VP announcement.

Update: Ughh! Heartbreak?

Update: CNBC says IT'S PALIN for sure.

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