Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Thread #2

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More in the earlier thread here:

Karl Rove on Palin:

Karl Rove tells Fox he doesn't know, but "it sure looks like it -- it sure smells like it." Calls Palin "a populist ... a reform-minded outsider" a bid for independent suburban women and "disillusioned Hillary Clinton voters."
Indeed. She's pro-life but not overtly so. She will grab Evangelicals as well and put their minds to rest about McCain.

McCain has efectively knocked Obama from the front pages of the Internet today with this speculation. Well played, sir.

Update: Another source confirms. And another.

Update: An endorsement of the choice by...Mark Levin?

Update: Hot Air is all over this.

Update: Townhall weighs in.

Update: Michael Medved on the pros of a Palin pick.

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