Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin on the Environment

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She seems pragmatic about environmental issues as her state depends on oil and environmental tourism. She has the job of balancing both issues and seems to be handling it well. Two quotes give and idea of just what her poitions are:

I'm keenly aware of sharply declining production from North Slope fields. The amount of oil currently flowing through the Pipeline is less than half of what it was at its peak. We must look to responsible development throughout the state--from the Slope all the way down to Southeast--every region participating! From further oil and gas development, to fishing, mining, timber, and tourism, these developments remain the core of our state. We provide stability in regulations for our developers.

Source: State of the State Address Jan 17, 2007

The standard should be no different for industry. Ironically, we're trying to convince the rest of the nation to open ANWR, but we can't even get our own Pt. Thomson, which is right on the edge of ANWR, developed! We are ready for that gas to be tapped so we can fill a natural gas pipeline. I promise to vigorously defend Alaska's rights, as resource owners, to develop and receive appropriate value for our resources.

Source: State of the State Address Jan 17, 2007

In other words, she knows that a balance must be struck, a position that will rankle many environmentalists but she wouldn't have attracted them anyway. She sees that Alaska must maintain it's natural resources but also use those that they have available to prosper. In other words, the exact approach that we should be taking in all 50-states.


Anonymous said...

yeah sarah palin a great choice.... RUKIDDING??? she sounded like the head of the PTA... she looks like the head of the PTA...not a VP. oh i am thrilled with this choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! his speech crushes this news and will continue to do so. i was a bit nervous when i heard this morning of his pick and completely overjoyed when she spoke....

Scott said...

Obama's speech crushed this news? Are YOU kidding? Look at Memeorandum:

Two stories about Obama written conservatives and both negative. The rest? All Sarah Palin. McCain pwn'd Obama and good.

Anonymous said...

huge mistake.... it will work itself out.... i am thrilled! why would a woman who is pro choice and anti gun etc vote for this pta member? with her fake nails and terrible highlights, clips and puffy mom hair to boot????

Scott said...

And so it begins, picking on her appearance is pretty lame. I remember when you all did the same to Katherine Harris and you lost that one as well.

What's wrong with being a member of the PTA anyway? I mean, yu can join and get your daughter some free condoms with her free lunch.

sumac said...

You might want to check out what she really said about the polar bears and the endangered species act.

Anonymous said...

it is clear she was chosen simply because of her gender... which is an insult to all women. he is pandering because he knows he is losing and had to do something...and it is NOT going to work with the smart women in this country. the something he went with will and already has backfired. he had met her ONCE...

wants to teach creationism in schools?
pro life even with incest or rape?
has not "thought much about the war"
gun lover
vetoed wind energy bills

i love it! let's pull this one apart... it is just TOO TOO EASY. cannot wait to see biden take her and her bad hair down! and YES i will go after her appearance it is just too easy... along with the old geeeeezer.... michelle obama is so elegant...cindy a stepford wife.

Scott said...

Here's my rebuttal:

Wants to teach creationism in schools: With evolution. There is more tha one view on this issue and she wants both taught.

Pro life even with incest or rape: Wrong, she has never said that and it isn't her stance.

Has not thought much about the war: But she was in the war zone more times than Barack so I guess she went there and didn't think about it.

Gun lover: Yes she is as are half the people in this country. John Kerry owns guns and I doubt that bothered you. It's a right in this country to own guns and in Alaska, it's damn near unheard of to not know how to shoot.

She pushed for wind energy but would not support a bill that is loaded with pork. She also is for geothermal, ocean tidal energy, natural gas as well as wind.

Good try. She really has you all scared, doesn't she considering she negated any Obama post-convention gains.

Anonymous said...

creationism is NOT science.... come on god created man and should not be taught in schools period. she had me scared the morning they announced but after she spoke... all fear drifted away. mccain does not even know the woman! he acted in a desperate way because he knew he had to pull something big because they are afraid he is going to lose which he will.... way down in the polls today.... so obamas speech did what it was supposed to do and palin well it didn't. oh i am a woman i guess i will vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Palin, a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life, said during her campaign for governor that she is opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. [Juneau Empire, "Abortion Draws Clear Divide in State Races," accessed 8/29/08 and Anchorage Daily News, "Governor’s Race: Top contenders meet one last time to debate," 11/03/06.]

if your little girl was raped would you want her to be forced to have the baby? it is scary to think that a women's right to choose could be taken away.... and that is a real threat if that old geezer gets in there.