Friday, August 29, 2008

Lefty Blogger Bitter Reaction to Palin Pick

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The feminists at Feministing are livid about the selection of a woman because--judging by the comments--McCain hates women as do all Republicans but just did it because _______________ (insert your reason here). How bitter does one have to be to hate a fellow woman because she is pro-life? Imagine how bitter they'll be when she wins.

Kieran at Crooked Timber takes a more pragmatic approach and plays it straight.

Josh Marshall underestimates what this means to the campaign and brushes Palin off. Didn't they make a mistake by doing that with Hillary?

I expected more from Taylor Marsh. I guess I was wrong. Instead she just sounds like a bitter, partisan hack.

MyDD compares her to Spiro Agnew. If this is the best they can do, she'll coast. is as classy as you'd expect them to be, which is not at all.


Emperor Bob said...

Unbelievable Choice for VP. If I was a Republican I would be pissed.

Sarah Palin: The Real Dope (pun intended)

scott said...

Blah, blah, blah, dude. Yeah, that Joe Biden elicited an excited "way to go, Obama" didn't he.

We've got someone new and exciting, you've got a junior Senator and a plagiarist.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

exciting? yeah, Ive been to Wasilla...bfd...might as well come from crawford tx....sarah palin isnt fit to lead this country and those of you who think so are either stoopid or racist and most likely a time when we need solid decision makers to undo the corruption, deceit, lies, treasurey theft and deaths caused the rethuglicans, Mr. "Country First" mcdumba** picks this immature, far right wing greenhorn...crab bait for the dems...thank you very much

ps..your caveat about being laughed at, derided and scorned illustrates your parties are no patriot and a chickenhawk whos afraid of a black man governing you....ha, ha, ha....loosers

Scott said...

Hey, if anyone knows corruption, it's Barack Obama. Rezko, nuff said.

So if we don't vote for Obama we're racist? Think about how stupid you sund. Never mind, it's evident that thinking is not something that comes natural to you.

As for me being a "chickenhawk," I served my country in the US Navy, you write inane comments to blogs and don't even have the balls to post your name.

Vice President Sarah Palin sounds great, VP Biden ain't gonna happen.