Friday, August 29, 2008

All Republicans are Racist: TNR

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This is nice:

All the reporters in Denver were predicting that the GOP convention promises to be boring. I'm not so sure. One reason: There's no way thousands of conservative Republicans are going to hew to a politically-correct message about Barack Obama. Especially with the media goading delegates and activists at every turn--much as they did Hillary's supporters in Denver--I'm guessing we'll have a racial-insensitivity flap every 90 minutes or so. You can almost write the "I found another racist delegate!" blog items right now.

The McCain campaign should prepare some kind of stock response to this sort of thing, almost like one of those out-of-office emails: "RACIST COMMENT AUTOREPLY: SENATOR MCCAIN DOES NOT CONDONE THAT SORT OF LANGUAGE."
It's gospel on the Left that we are all closet racists who hide it well. I would imagine we'll see exactly zero cases of racial insensitivity and that will leave our intrepid little weasel reporter, Mikey, with nothing to do but make shit up.

You may see a few anarchists getting the shit kicked out of them by some patriotic Americans including bikers and vets, but racism? Uh, no unless racism applies to smacking around snot-nosed little punks charging rooms and drinks on daddy's Visa.

We've beat them in our selection of VP, we sucked the life out of any buzz Obama had yesterday evening and now they're going to break out the even bigger racism gun.

Good luck with that, dude.

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