Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Night Music--Anti-War Songs Version

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Some of the greatest music ever written was anti-war music. War is hell and no one wants to fight one but sometimes it is required.

We start with Alice in Chains with Rooster. Guitarist Jerry cantrell's dad was a soldier in Vietnam and it spurred him to write this epic song. Layne Staley's voice was the best on this song and it will live on fro generations because of the passion and ferocity with which he sang it. Here's a live version from Rotterdam that is not of the highest audio quality but captures just how good this band was:

Next we have the Dead doing Morning Dew, which was covered by everyone from Jeff Beck to Rod Stewart and remains one of the great antiwar songs ever. Jerry's voice is sweet from the Philly Spectrum in 1986:

Next,the now-defunct System of a Down with BYOB. This is an anti-warrior song like no other and here's a live version that shows just how eclectic this band was/is:

And finally, we have the newest entry, Hammerhead from Offspring. No video live but here's audio from Japan:

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