Saturday, February 09, 2008

Student Threatens Anti-Terror Speaker at USAF Academy

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Former terrorist Walid Shoebat and two others were invited to speak at the Air Force Academy about terrorism and terrorist mindsets. That didn't sit well with one Muslim student from Jordan.

It didn't sit well with CAIR either and the media again reported CAIR's message like the good enablers they are instead of the message of men who know exactly how serious the Islamo-fascist threat is:

Numerous media outlets (New York Times, the Associated Press, The Colorado Springs Gazette, the Rocky Mountain News) did not report on the former terrorists' message, but instead focused on the [inaccurate] media statements distributed by CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), in an all-out campaign to discredit the speakers credentials and background.

"We have all been told that Islam has been hijacked by extremists,” said Walid Shoebat. "Yet CAIR, who professes to be ‘Moderate Muslims’ are the Three Ex Terrorists biggest critics, and pull out all stops to try and keep out voices from being heard. I beg to ask the question; if CAIR is indeed moderate as they claim, then WHY are they not supporting our campaign against 'extremists? If they are sincerely against the Fundamentalist Muslim agenda why do they appose (sic) us?"

According to the Air Force Academy's public affairs office CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, contacted them numerous times criticizing the scheduling of the three men, and requesting an opportunity to have a CAIR representative share with cadets information about the Islamic faith. The Academy informed Hooper that the event was not about religion, but about terrorism, and he denied CAIR's request.
First off, good for the Academy for smacking Hooper and CAIR down. The rest is typical of any Muslim who criticizes Islam, from Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi-Ali to Walid Shoebat, with CAIR any person who doesn't toe the "Islam means peace" line becomes an enemy. There's zero room for dissent and CAIR has expertly manipulated the media to report their point of view or not report anything at all. Yes, the MSM will report on some of those who oppose the misogynistic and violent aspects of Islam but always with a spin toward CAIR's thinking.

Try this, ask anyone you know if they have heard of Hirsi-Ali--a woman who should be on the front page of the National Organization for Women website due to her heroic stand in the face of real death threats. Odds are 100-1 that you will get a blank stare or a response in the negative. Why? Because CAIR, in concert with large media, has stifled any talk of her or the others who speak the truth about radical Islam.

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Zooomabooma said...

I think I was told the other day on my blog that we're not truly in a war right now with Islamo-fascist scum who want to kill you and your family, Scott, if you don't convert to their extreme brand of Islam. Is that true? People who speak out against Islam or mention a "war" we're in - aren't they just fear-mongering?

Well, that's what many, many, too many people think... and it blows my mind.

We should withdraw all of our troops and use a significant portion of the military budget to implement a national healthcare system because there were 19 hijackers, yes, but that's all and now we're safe if we just don't meddle in world affairs outside our borders.