Saturday, February 09, 2008

Did the US Liquidate Adam Gadahn?

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Hopefully yes. It's inconclusive at this point and the military is saying we missed him but he's either gone underground or is buried underground.

I tend to lean towards Allah's thinking here, but would the military be vocal if we did get him? First, Gadahn is an American citizen regardless of the fact he supposedly tore up his passport and renounced citizenship. The military wouldn't exactly trumpet the fact that they are targeting Americans--even Americans who've sided with a mortal enemy that killed 3,000 in NYC.

Second, and this is more important; by advertising the fact that we exterminated the scumbag, wouldn't that bring congressional investigations as a purely political move? The anti-warriors like Murtha and Rangel would love to have our top brass answering as to why they targeted an American citizen--even though the story is that he wasn't targeted but just happened to be there. The torture issue is settled, Abu Ghraib is in the past and we are succeeding in Iraq as never before, the retreaters need an issue and Gadahn's death could well be that issue.

Think about it, the NY Times could write of Gadahn being a wayward young man who fell for Islam much like John Walker Lindh and David Hicks of Australia did. He was just a misguided American lad who needed guidance and Islam gave him that. What did the mean old Bush administration do? They murdered him in cold blood, they murdered a young American man and they should be held accountable.

This story has largely not yet made the American press but if it turns out that Howie is correct and we did indeed get the vile Gadahn, it will break quickly.

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