Friday, October 06, 2006

Kyoto Cripples Economies

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Canada is the latest after New Zealand and Europe:

“Electricity prices in British Columbia would increase by 40 per cent, electricity prices in Ontario would increase by 65 per cent, natural gases prices would increase by over 300 per cent in Alberta and over 130 per cent in Ontario. These are the kind of impacts of enforcing the [Kyoto] target on Canada's industry today which is exactly what [Mr. Rodriguez's bill] entails,” she said, as opposition MPs groaned dismissively.

Ms. Ambrose told the committee she had asked her department to produce the cost estimates to consumers of meeting Canada's Kyoto targets solely through regulation within the country and not including buying of greenhouse-gas credits as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol.

Yet, those in government still support the flawed treaty. Bush suffered some political fallout by not pushing for the passage of the Kyoto Protocols, thank the good Lord it wasn't Al Gore in the position to ratifythem.

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