Friday, October 06, 2006

AAR Scandal Worse Than Foleygate

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Air America supporters are now confirmed thieves:

October 6, 2006 -- Managers of the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in The Bronx looted the charity and used $1.2 million in taxpayer money for luxury cars, home renovations and start-up cash for lefty radio network Air America, a two-year investigation has found.

The bombshell probe by the city Department of Investigation was made public yesterday as two of Gloria Wise's top former officials took a no-jail plea deal - admitting in Bronx Supreme Court they stole as much as $150,000 from programs meant for kids, the elderly and the disabled.

In all, investigators found that six former Gloria Wise officials took $290,000 to pay for their personal expenses - on top of excessively generous salaries.

...Rosen was also hit with a forgery charge after city investigators caught him trying to support the transfer of $875,000 to Air America in 2004 by faking documents to back up his claim that it was a loan made with the approval of the Gloria Wise board.

These people gave Air Scamerica alot of money to keep the train wreck known as AAR afloat.

Now I ask; what is worse, stealing from government funds and private donations to support an affluent lifestyle and a horrible radio network or IMing and e-mailing crude solicitations to young pages but not actually participating in actual physical contact (none has been alleged or proven to this point)?

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