Friday, October 06, 2006

Nazi's Used Humans to Make Soap

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Photo courtesy of Shamash.
That was always believed to be true but never proven. Now it has been:

The Nazis used human fat to make soap during World War II in a Nazi German medical academy located in what is now the Polish Baltic sea port city of Gdansk, Polish war crimes prosecutors confirmed on Friday, pointing to new laboratory tests.

Officials with Poland's Institute for National Remembrance (IPN) based their findings on a laboratory analysis of a piece of soap found in 1945 in the medical academy in Gdansk run by Nazi German Professor Rudolf Spanner.

A new laboratory analysis of the soap revealed human fat was one of its components, spokesperson for the Gdansk branch of the IPN, Paulina Szumera, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur in a telephone interview on Friday.

We must never forget what the Nazi's did to the Jews. As for the losers who choose to equate Bush and Hitler, you denigrate the souls of all who died at the hands of Hitler's SS--Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and the myriad others. You of course don't care because the denigration of six-million souls is nothing when it comes to getting your filthy mug on the internet and have a bunch of like-minded scumbags at Democratic Underground praising you for speaking truth to power, man. (Picture below courtesy of LGF)

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