Friday, February 03, 2017

Obama's Primary Legacy is the Complete Destruction of Race Relations

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I truly felt that my kids generation was going to be the first post-racial generation in American history. The dream of MLK that people would be judged by the content of their character. was nigh. My kids were raised on rap and pop music, they attended schools where inclusiveness was preached and they have friends of all colors, creeds and religious beliefs. I guess a large part of that was the parenting of my wife and I plus the presence of "Uncle G", an African-American from inner city Philly in the kids lives.

Then we elected a Black man as president and that was it, we had achieved what MLK dreamed of and we could finally put our differences aside and not have the burden of race hanging over us. The Democrats had finally come around from their KKK and Jim Crow days and it was a new day.

Except it wasn't. It never came to be because if that did indeed happen, African-Americans could no longer claim victim status and more importantly, Barack Obama believed deeply that Blacks were owed something from White America and the debt needed to be paid. Yet, instead of being a leader and beacon to African-Americans, he drove home the victim card harder. Instead of saying that there is a major problem in the black community with drugs, family unity, teen pregnancy and illiteracy he opted to blame white America for the current state of affairs. This drove a further wedge between us and destroyed the idea that we are more alike than different.

His greatest mistake was not leading in the area of police relations with the Black community. If Obama had been a true leader, he would've struck a conciliatory tone and brought the people and the police together to talk instead of do the very worst thing...nothing. Ferguson could've been nipped in the bud if Obama had just said something--anything but he remained silent. From Baltimore through all the others his silence meant agreement and it has led to disastrous results. But perhaps that was the goal, Black Lives Matter--supported by hard left-wing supporters was the end game maybe.

And liberals in general haven't helped at all. The liberal mindset is that every conservative is a racist and there's no way their collective minds can be changed. The fact that it is patently false means nothing.

Long after Obamacare is forgotten and the rest of his actions are a distant memory, the one thing that will stand out the most is that he not only set race relations back but also took them in a dangerous direction that we may never recover from. Things are so bad we've come to this:

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