Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Back to writing on this blog thingy. It's been a while. Going from writing every day for ten years to not writing at all was weird but I needed the break. Plus, Facebook is a fire hose where this blog is a minor drip when it comes to eyeballs seeing what I write. Back in the halcyon days of the Bush years and the early Obama years, bloggers were getting massive hits and linking to others. That's slowed a bit but I never wrote here for recognition, I wrote here for myself and a few friends.

Here's what's new in this crazy world where the Cubs won the World Series, Trump won the election and the 76'ers are...well, they are still losing so that one didn't quite fit.

-The bitter losers on the left are back to their assassination fantasies. Like the Bush years, they seem to think that posting about killing Trump passes for intellectually stimulating material. The left is in full freak out mode but are too stupid to actually look and see who is to blame for Trump winning. They don't blame Hillary, they don't blame Obama and they don't blame the establishment that has allowed the world to get to the point it currently is at. Their anger is at a businessman whom they believe to be racist but can point to no examples except what they believe he said about Mexicans. I seem to recall that many over on that side were convinced that racists would try to kill Obama. It never happened but I sure hope the Secret Service is on their toes now with Trump in office.

-Liberals continue to show their collective intolerance. This is going to get much, much worse.

-I fear for our future. The University of Pennsylvania had safe spaces for students upset Trump won that included, well: 

"For the most part, students just hung out and ate snacks and made small talk," Tancredi told The College Fix. "Of course, that was in addition to coloring and playing with the animals."

-One would hope that people would realize just how childish they're acting but I really think that will not be the case.

-This may be the greatest benefit of a Trump win--watching Pelosi grovel for support. Remember when she said that we have to pass the bill in order to see what's in it? Those of us paying attention were appalled that the sitting Speaker of the House was being so opaque about a bill effecting 1/6 of the economy. I think we were called racist and anti-woman for commenting on it, I can't recall but it seems about right since i was called racist every single day back then.

-If Trump makes General Mattis or some other patriot the Secretary of Defense, the US military will be even greater than it is and the treatment of vets will be in line with the agreement we made with the government.

-Oh yeah, Hillary blames her loss on the media. When you stop laughing you can read about it here.

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