Saturday, November 12, 2016

The NY Times Say They Treated Trump Fair

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I know it's bullshit and you know it's bullshit because the NY Times says this every single time they end up looking like complete idiots. The Times tries to tell people that they missed out on what was happening in America but then say they feel they were fair. No they were not and that is what makes them irrelevant. Where they were once the main purveyor of what you were fed by the networks when it comes to news, people now are turning to alternate sources. The NY Observer, Drudge, Breitbart and others are reporting what the Times (and Washington Post) does not and once people realized they didn't have to rely on the MSM they decided they would ignore them.

Hilarious right? The Times swears they played fair and will play it straight with President Trump but they didn't play fair at all. Negative coverage of Trump was ten times the positive and the exact opposite was true of Hillary. If the Times asked what people really thought about Benghazi or the email scandal, they may not have been caught so flat-footed. 

Perhaps if the Times actually sent reporters out past the Hudson River or farther south than DC, they would've gotten an idea what the American people really think. Their pre-conceived notions jibed exactly with Hillary's; the basket of deplorables really exists and they are not as smart, equated nor cool as we are because we are the elites. 

Why do you think everyone on the left thought this was going to a Hillary blowout? Because they got their news from the NY Times. 

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