Saturday, November 12, 2016

4 Dead 17 Wounded in Suicide Attack at Bagram

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For some reason we continue to believe it's a good idea to allow Afghani's into our bases over there.

"An apparent suicide bomber has taken the lives of two U.S. servicemembers and two U.S. contractors working on the base," said Carter. "The explosion wounded 16 other U.S. servicemembers and one Polish soldier participating in our NATO mission."

Although the media generally stopped reporting much war news during the Obama years, we still are in a war over there as well as elsewhere. Currently we have troops in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, east Africa and Libya. Plus whatever other covert ops we have going on. 

I'm sure the media will once again start reporting on the deaths once Obama is out of office and President Trump is in. 

Prayers to their families. 

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