Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Good morning all. Hopefully the Eagles can win today. Penn State had a nice win on a day with three major upsets.

Here's what is new:

Unfunny comedienne can dish it out, can't take it when it's given back, gives crowd the finger and walks off stage.

The Democratic Party is cratering all over the country. This does not bode well for them going forward.

George Takei has a split personality:

You may have seen the article about Hillary strolling in the woods contemplating her election loss when she happened upon a nice woman also out for a stroll with her kid. They portrayed it as Hillary being down to earth and mingling with the common folk but in fact it was a Democratic operative who works for her. She's so fake she has make shit up even when she doesn't have to.

When you actually make a sign that says "rape Melania" and then proudly hold it up at a rally, you've crossed the threshold of being the opposition into the realm of being un-human and your opinion no longer matters.

Several years ago, Newsweek was sold for the price of $1. I think that was way too much. Anyway, they pre-printed 125,000 special issues with Madam President on the cover in celebration of the anticipated Hillary Clinton win. They are now recalling them. I guess making business decisions like this are one of the reasons they were sold for less than the price of a pint of Bud Light.

Liberals are now eating their own. When you blame Oprah but not the shitty candidate you had you've lost your mind. No one has listened to anything Oprah said in years.

Donald Trump plans on fighting the media from the White House. Not sure how I feel about it since he's going to be really busy.

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