Sunday, November 13, 2016

Liberals Know So Much That Is Not True

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A friend linked to this post on Facebook saying this is how she feels about the election. Let me take a moment to refute this and maybe educate a liberal or two:

"If you're a Trump voter who is tired of being called a bigot, if you say you voted for him based on gun rights or economic issues, or because you think Hillary really was that awful, and in spite of his rhetoric, rather than because of it, I believe you. If you're in my life, I clearly don't think you're a vile hateful person. But if you're now watching protests across the country and you don't understand why, or think they are just being sore losers, let me break something down for you. These people aren't just angry or sad that someone they didn't support won the election, they're scared.

Okay, lets see why they should be scared:

They're black Americans who hear talk of law and order and remember a racially charged stop and frisk program, or see an emboldened KKK holding a celebratory parade.

The fact that the Grand Dragon off the KKK supported Hillary must've escaped him. Stop and frisk actually reduced crime and was use as an anti-crime tool against all people, not just blacks or Hispanics. 

They're Muslim Americans who worry that spitting in their face is now okay and violations of their rights to assemble and their rights to privacy are about to come.

I remember after 9/11 when the news was hoping for massive retaliation against Muslims and it never happened. There were a few cases and that's unfortunate. However, there's been more of a backlash in England, Germany and Sweden by a long shot. people are concerned that Muslim-Americans do not speak up whenever an attack occurs. When will they unite and protest when jihadi's kill people in San Bernardino or Fort Hood? 

They're LGBT Americans who fear not just of the loss of marriage rights or restaurants gaining the right not to serve them, but of an administration that thinks it's more important to research electrocuting the gay out of them than AIDS.

Restricting them from restaurants? That's about the most inane thing I've read since the election. I guarantee that there are a lot of gays living in Trump buildings and Peter Thiel was an enormous supporter who will be in his cabinet. Also, Trump has defended was defending homosexuals back when Hillary and Obama were against gay marriage. Does this like a man who would restrict anything for homosexuals?

If you're tired of being called a bigot, then you need to use the same voice you used on Tuesday and speak out against these things fully and clearly.

We have and vehemently. The biggest advocate for Trump is a flamboyantly gay man named Milo who conservatives have been posting to Facebook for the last two years. Personally, I was in support of gay unions as far back the beginning of this blog in 2003. I didn't need to "evolve" as Obama did. 

In conclusion, perhaps the author will take a few minutes to understand just why the electorate voted for Trump. Every time we said we were against men in women's bathrooms because we think our daughters should be safe you called us homophobes. Every time we brought up the facts about Benghazi you ignored us. Every time you protested the aforementioned Milo or others and stopped them from speaking thus eroding our rights you ignored our opinions. Every time you called us racist simply for questioning the president or asking for wronger border controls is coming back to haunt you. Every time you tried to take our 2nd Amendment rights you energized us. Every time you laughed at us when we said Obamacare would be a disaster (which has been proven) you made us stronger. 

Trump is not what you think he is. He is a centrist businessman who will bring new ideas and fresh insight into government. Perhaps it's time to stop acting like children and start acting like Americans. If you choose to fight every step of the way you have the right, however, Trump is here for the next four years so deal with it. 

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