Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bannon is the New Target For the Media to Destroy

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The media is pissed.

In their collective minds they are thinking: Donald Trump--that stupid, racist, misogynistic, bombastic son of a bitch beat us and we used every dirty trick in the book. If half of America weren't Fox News watching, alt right neanderthals, we'd have won this one for Hillary. So what if our trust percentage is somewhere around a rabid coyote, the public need us and is too stupid to know what's best for them. We really need to go after Trump so here's what we'll do: we'll play up the protesters but won't report that they are bussed in by left wing groups and we'll start beating on Bannon daily. We'll use words like alt-right and white nationalist and by the end of the week Donald Trump's senior advisor will be the same as Hitler.

Yeah, the media is pissed.

But anyone taking the time to read about Bannon will come away with a different story. I'n not even going to link to anything because I want people to do their own research on this guy.

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