Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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It's been a week since the world woke up and found out Trump won. A lot has happened in the last week since that earthquake hit.

-The joy of watching this witch go down will be only slightly less awesome than the elation of watching Hillary topple. Pelosi has led her party into the wilderness by going far left and now they are in shambles yet it's doubtful anyone has the balls to challenge the old bag. Does anyone remember this disgusting display where she proudly shoved the worst legislation in 50 years down our throats will zero GOP participation?

-The media keeps pushing the Trump supporters saying bad things meme while in reality Hillary supporters are engaging in violence on a huge scale.

Walker, 25, said the alleged shooter uttered something disrespectful to her as she went back into the bar, angering Mormon, 32, who confronted the man and began arguing with him. Walker said Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for Trump.
The argument continued and the alleged shooter — identified by Walker as a Hispanic man wearing a white coat — went around a corner, came back with a gun and opened fire.

This has got to stop soon. Perhaps Trump or Hillary can say anything to actually get people to calm the fuck down, Trump already did.

-If Hillary had won, we'd have seen the death of free speech. It appears that the change in direction is coming just in time:

The artistic genius behind the highly acclaimed conservative satirical site The People's Cube has been arrested and released on $8,000 bail for putting up pro-Israel posters to combat a pro-Islamist conference at George Mason University. He now faces the prospect of five years in prison for allegedly committing a "class 6 felony."

Colleges are a nightmare. Glad my daughter is going to a southern school where they haven't completely lost their minds. 

-The safety pin, puppy cuddling, coloring, safe space generation is losing their minds

-Haven't the media realized that Donald Trump could not give a shit about what they think or their "protocol"? 

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