Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Commies in Texas get arrested at anti-Trump rally. They look exactly you'd expect American commies to look like.

Breitbart is hitting back twice as hard.

Amusing, Trump is making the world safer by the day.

This is day number six that neither Trump nor Hillary have called for calm from their base.

Therapy dogs were brought into the Capitol to soothe the minds of people after Trump whopped Hillary in the electoral college. Such pussies.

As someone who has to deal with the EPA on numerous levels, this should shake that agency up a lot.

This is nothing new: fake a hate crime, the media immediately puts it out without investigation and ties it to whomever they hate at the moment and eventually it's proven false.

This nails it. I've been saying for a few years that eventually the pendulum would go back the other way and it would't be gradual. It swung back with enough force to knock the Earth liberals inhabit off its axis.

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