Friday, May 06, 2016

An Open Letter to the Republican Party

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To the RNC, Congressional and Senate Republicans and other establishment cronies,

You've really done it this time. We've stuck by you and voted straight Republican time and time again. You've put up horrible candidates such as Mitt Romney going all the way back to that stiff Bob Dole. These were guys who were selected by you in back room deals with winks and nods.

We've defended you when the media would not because you did something, stupid, something illegal or something that was both.

You promised us that if we gave you the House you would stop Obama, You promised us if we gave you the Senate you would stop Obamacare. We gave you both and you gave us a Speaker who cried for no reason and would rather make bad deals than have to fight. You gave us a Senate Majority Leader who is the epitome of establishment politics and cronyism. He spent more time fighting fellow Republicans who happened to be conservative than he did fighting the vile Harry Reid.

We've had enough. Enough of the lies and deceit. Enough of your acting like you stand for conservative stances while approving every single dollar Obama asks for and allowing illegal immigrants to charge across the border. You are the lawmakers of this country and you allow the law to be broken daily.

You care more about what Politico or Morning Joe (both very liberal) say about you than you do what your constituents say (except every two years when you need our vote). You don't want to make waves because you just might not get invited to that big party in Georgetown.

You drag your feet on all substantive issues. Yes, some want to investigate corruption but the overall party does not. Four people including the ambassador killed in Benghazi? You investigate and then use the Democrats intransigence stall it. A Border Patrol Agent gets killed in an operation that allowed guns to flow to drug cartels and you do nothing. An American citizen gets killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco (an illegal "sanctuary city") and you do nothing because you don't want to upset the Democrats or the apple cart.

Obama says he wants to spend more and you not only allow it but give him more than he wants. Heavens no!, we can't shut down the government you said--even though we gave you the Senate after doing so. Obama welcomes in thousands of unverified Syrian refugees and you avert your eyes and do nothing or, worse yet, agree with him.

You allowed America to be a place where free speech is banned. I've not heard a single Republican stand up for free speech in the last several years. You've also allowed the police to fry and have not said a damn word. Just the very chance that standing up for the police will make you seem racist is enough to shut you up. In my book, that makes you a pussy.

Most shamefully, you've allowed our vets to die because of a the VA and have done nothing. You give lip service to veterans but in reality you despise them. If you didn't, you would have shut down Congress to get some results.

So here comes this brash and crass business man who says things that anyone else would have suffered for and you ignored him. Then he started winning so you actively worked against him. He kept winning so you sent out your last presidential nominee to bash him. He won more and you actually started to support Ted Cruz whom every single establishment type abhors.

Now he's the nominee and people are saying that they will not support him or will even vote for Hillary. The Speaker of the House will not support the Republican nominee. But that's fine because he was a very incapable candidate when he ran.

The National Review did an entire issue stating the case against Trump and he still won. Pundits who wrote him off were proven to be idiots.

But the scariest thing to you--the establishment--is that you were proven irrelevant. No one gives a shit what you say or do because you are meaningless. Your spineless nature and actions have given rise to the man you hate. Allowing your fellow Republicans to be called racist, xenophobic and misogynistic when we weren't was unforgivable. Except you didn't say anything because you actually believe that securing the borders, checking Islamic immigration and telling off-color jokes is racist, xenophobic and misogynistic. You've morphed in to liberals and there's zero difference. How do you think we feel when we defend the constitution and the military and you call us zealots?

The media too is feeling the crushing truth hitting them. They are even more irrelevant than Congress. Trump owns them and then bypasses them to say what he wants on Twitter. They are an even bigger embarrassment than Lindsey Graham.

So I say to the GOP; there's change in the wind. People are so sick of your bullshit that they've voted for Trump. He's no conservative but he stands for the core values of America. He's attracting blue collar workers, pissed off middle class workers, disaffected tradesmen and people who believe in the American ideal Reagan did. And please, keep Reagan's name out of your mouth, Trump is more like Reagan than this party has been in 8 years.

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