Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Will Happen When the Middle Class Says "Enough!"

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The war on the middle class is in it's seventh year and the middle class is losing. Obama rode a wave of change and helping the middle class but has done nothing but burden them with higher taxes and a stagnant economy. While the poor are still poor (but with infinitely more benefits) and the rich are still rich, the middle class voter is shouldering the burden.

If you want to know why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have risen, all one needs to do is look at middle class. Trump is an opportunist and knows that there's a huge swath of this country that is mad as hell about what America has become. The shining city on the hill looks like Detroit in the summer.  These people are mostly white, have a combined family income between $100,000-$200,000 and pay their bills. They follow the law, recycle their bottles and cans and take a vacation every summer. They scrimp to save for over-priced college for their kids and just want to provide for their families.

But the world is changing around them. As a nation we elected a black man, twice, yet race relations are the lowest they've been since the 60's. They are called racists for even questioning the decisions of the president when they know they are not racist. They've abided by the laws and yet see illegal aliens breaking the law daily and "sanctuary cities" protecting them. They read about Kate Steinle getting murdered by an illegal and the media cover it up.

They see our freedoms being challenged on all sides. We can't say what we want, buy a weapon if we want, eat what we want or choose the doctors we want. Every single day our freedoms are being eroded and it's at the breaking point.

The middle class raise their children right, teach them that if they work hard, they will get ahead and then send them to colleges and universities that are overwhelmingly left-wing. To espouse any opinion to the right of Hillary is to be shunned. Their sons are accused of sexual assault for merely having sex with a coed and they are given no ability to defend themselves from the false accusations.

They watch as the president puts down America while praising murderous dictators and making deals with state sponsors of terrorism. They see said president alienating our allies on all fronts while ignoring real threats occurring daily.

All this pressure can only lead to one logical conclusion. The silent middle class will be called racist, greedy, xenophobic or islamophobic one too many times and they will explode. The explosion will make Occupy whatever and whatever lives matter look like a Sunday pot luck dinner at the local church. You will see 100-million people rise up and shake their fists and it will shake the nation. It's not the corporations whom they will rise up against but the government and the government will be taken back for the people. The cocoon that is DC will be busted open and the people will have their say. And it will not just be in the South, the Midwest or the Plains states. It will be South Jersey, Western Massachussetts, interior California and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

It will get ugly as the media will portray it as a race uprising when in fact it will not be that at all. It will be people who still believe in the concept of America. All of those things that liberals like to laugh at us for. Honoring the flag, supporting our military and veterans, the rule of law and God-given rights.

There's a huge rift in America and I'm not sure that it is reparable. I guess if the RNC or DNC play silly games and rob the people of their candidate, we just may see an explosion unlike anything since 1775.

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