Friday, January 01, 2016

Out With The Old & In With The New...Thank God

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2015 was a strange year in the world.

Looking back, some weird shit happened:

  • A former Olympic gold medal decathlete identified as a woman, got a show for doing so, acknowledged that he was also a republican, said he wants to adopt a baby and then got into a verbal war with another self-identified tranny who gave away some of the most damaging secrets ever disclosed. Essentially; two dudes fighting over who is more woman. Amazingly, one was named Woman of the Year for his "bravery". This, of course, left out true women heroes such as Kurdish women fighting for their homeland, a young Pashtun woman who was shot in the head for advocating education for other women continuing her fight and numerous other woman in countless other hellholes fighting for the right to breathe and not the right to chose their gender. 
  • The whitest woman in America was exposed by her parents as, well, the whitest woman in America. This was problematic for her because she was a leader in the NAACP and a teacher of African Studies at a college. Liberals lined up to take the side of the white woman against black people who were offended of having their racial identity stolen for financial gain. 
  • A former spokesman for a major fast food chain was found to be a pedophile and sentenced to prison. Jared Fogel was intertwined with Subway for a decade and somehow, they didn't suffer when their public face was convicted of sex crimes with children. 
  • Bill Cosby was identified as a serial rapist and was subsequently arrested for sexual assault. Rarely has a public figure gone from being so beloved to being rejected so fast. 
  • Another major terror attack occurred on US soil and was actually called a terror attack despite the best efforts of the media. While Fort Hood and others were definitive terror attacks--called "work place violence" by Obamatons-- it was much harder to mislabel an attack on a mall that the media followed intensely. We also saw the President of the US make a speech (standing up) from the Oval Office in which he pretended to take action but instead said nothing new. 
  • Terrorism also remained a major issue around the world with an attack in Paris that led to millions of people overlaying their Facebook avi with the French flag in solidarity. Alas, not so many did it when America was attacked but I digress. So 2015 became the year that the French looked stronger and more decisive on the world stage than did America.
  • The void left by American leadership led to Russia becoming a super power wannabe again. Hard core Americans actually wished we had a leader who led as well as a former Soviet KGB member. 
  • Obama and John Kerry pushed a disastrous treaty that will allow Iran to have nukes in a little more than a decade, released $150 billion to them to continue their proxy wars and was backed up by threats and snooping on allies...
  • Well, former allies. 2015 was the year that Obama went to war against Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. He demeaned the leader, sent operatives to agitate against him in an election and essentially shunned them from in front of the world all so he could say he made a deal with Iran and cement his "legacy". 
  • 2015 was the year of "trigger warnings", "safe spaces" and the year America learned exactly what we've produced by handing out participation trophies. We now have a country full of gender studies majors getting offended by "micro aggressions" and historic flags and a nation and media that played along further enabling them. 
  • 2015 will be remembered as the year that political correctness jumped the shark. Being called a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, war mongering, hater became a badge of honor. Men and women who were sick of the breakdown in the US decided to stand up and start taking it back. They did so with humor and sarcasm because straight discourse is dead (or on life support). By belittling every new case we saw and laughing and pointing at the perpetrators, we've seen the pendulum start to swing back. 
  • Which brings me to this: The leader for the Democratic party is the wife of a man accused of rape and sexual assault who had sex with his (much) subordinate intern and she is running on a platform of feminism. She broke myriad laws by mishandling secret information that would have landed the average person in a federal prison for years. Her opponent is a self-declared socialist whom has not the slightest clue about the economy but promises the world to the aforementioned participation trophy winning students. He also has some extreme, non-feminist views on women. So, we currently have two old white people on the Democratic ticket and they're both carrying heavy baggage. 
  • And finally, 2015 was the year of Trump. He resonates with people no matter how inelegantly he says things--which is probably increasing the resonance. The man is vicious and immediate when attacked. Within minutes of being called out, he goes on the offensive and does not sugar coat what he says. The media try to take him down and he ridicules them. His own party leadership try to attack him and he goes right back at them ten-fold. The man wields the hashtag like it's a sword. Others rise and fall while Trump remains at the top. Any baggage on him has likely been printed already and he's flummoxed both parties. People may not agree on everything or even most of what he says but they will vote for him when the time comes. If it's him versus Hillary, he will win. He's not afraid to get down in the gutter Clintonistas live in and , in fact, seems comfortable going there. 
Well, that's a recap of 2015. I'm guessing 2016 will hold just as much and to a person who follows politics, we can only hope that to be the case.

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