Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Happy Tuesday. I looked at the calendar and today is the 16th. Not really sure where the hell the year went.

Anyway, here's thing I saw in the news today that you may want to check out:

-Angela Merkel led the European push to accept the refugees coming from Syria. It may just be her downfall.

-Erdogan in Turkey has seen a steady increase in Muslim power within his country. He's adapted and become more Islamic himself to survive. I foresee a problem though--the US has two large Air Force bases in Turkey and they are critical to our efforts in the Mideast. If Erdogan is ousted by the large Muslim faction, that could spell trouble. If you think I'm way over thinking this, take note that the Turks booed during a moment of silence for Paris and screaming Allahu Akhbar.

-Some states--nearly half--are refusing to allow Syrian immigrants to be sent there. The legal standing they have is iffy but we should see one hell of a states rights case come out of it. This one will make it to SCOTUS.

-If there's one thing I love about being a veteran, it's when I see things like this. A Marine Corps vet passed with no one to make arrangements and no one to mourn. People got together and handled it and 1,000 people showed up to honor a man they never knew. My son is now active duty and he now understands that we are all brothers and sisters in the service of our country. My favorite quote is this:

Leslie Archer drove in from northern Indiana "because my dad was a Navy vet. He's passed now, so it's my responsibility to (look out) for other vets."
And that explains how the military--4 years of your life in many cases--effects not only you but your family.

-And finally, I posted this on FB but I can never, ever overstate the brilliance of Iowahawk. Dave is by far the funniest and smartest dude on Twitter. I recall back when he was writing a lot more than 140 characters. But he's even more intelligent with less words. The blogosphere has seen some genius writers but I'll always give major f-ing props to him:

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