Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Great Repost About a Great Man--Ray Plumley

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8 years ago my cousin passed. It was sudden and heart-wrenching to me personally but to his mom, sister, wife and kids even more.

As you may or may not know, I stopped writing this blog and took a hiatus--never even looked at it since 2014. But tonight I saw a comment awaiting moderation from January of this year in reply to this post. My cousin Ray was awesome. A cool dude you could drink beer with and a guy who saved lives. The comment read in whole:

 Though I do not know much about his childhood or college years, I know that Ray was an amazing man. He was kind and gentle. he loved his wife and daughters more than anything in the world and treated them with respect. He loved beer and was wicked smart, though he was clueless about some things. He loved visiting his family in Monson on the small dairy farm he grew up on. It has been seven years since Ray died. I was able to go to the funeral. I remember the pain on the daughter's faces the tears that wouldn't end, the denial as the wife was handed the American flag. How do I know all this without knowing much of his past? Easy, I'm one of his twin daughters. I came upon this article when I googled my dad's name after visiting his family.  
I sit here now crying after finally getting some stories of my dad from his college years and missing him so much. Thank you.And with that I have one last thing to say. 
I miss and love you Daddy.
Now I've had some amazing moments writing this blog but by far this is the most amazed I've ever been.

My words made a young girl who lost her dad feel better and she is my niece (or whatever the daughter of a cousin is). Family.

I'm blown away right at this moment. Please click here to read the original post and the comments.

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