Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The GOP Presidential Race--Nutshell Version Part 2

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Last night I commented on the other candidates, today I'll focus on Rubio, Fiorina, Christie and Paul.

Christie: I wanted the guy to be president at one time. He's bombastic, smart, from my home state and was not afraid of a fight. That was four years ago. he had every opportunity to do what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin. he could have gotten spending back in line, reformed education, reduced taxes (I currently pay nearly $12,000 annually) and made New Jersey a destination for business. He then went soft on all these things. But if I could point out a single event that turned me against him it was him hugging Obama when Hurricane Sandy slammed into North Jersey. He could have easily asked Obama to stay away and not given him the photo op a week before the election against Romney. Even pseudo Republican Michael Bloomberg denied Obama the opportunity to show his leadership in a crisis. Christie claimed he did it because he had to work with Obama to get the funds to get the state back up and running again but he gave the man something that hurt his party and he handled the Sandy recovery horribly. Plus he's fat and fat people never win major elections.

Rubio: I like Rubio; he's young, charismatic and is smart. He is not afraid to buck the conservative wing of the party, which I don't agree with but admire. His stance on immigration is hurting him...badly. He's walked it back this week in the aftermath of the Paris attacks but he's a an open borders dude and that ain't going to win the GOP nomination. The guy has a great story and would make a good president in 12 years.

Fiorina: I like Carly. She also has a good story and is not afraid to go against anyone. but she failed at HP regardless of what she says and that hurts her. It gives the media a soundbite they would never use with Hillary. Fiorina has done more in her life than Hillary ever will but the stigma of failure is a tough one to break. I think she would make a great president and leader and would not feel like I was holding my nose when I voted for her but there's just something missing I can't quite put my finger on. Of all the candidates, I think she's the one who can get hot and break out of the pack and maybe (and a big maybe) challenge Trump. She's a free thinker and not from the beltway. I imagine she will be high on the list of running mates.

Paul: Rand Paul is a brilliant and good man. A physician who donates a lot of time to help those who could never afford the service he provides. Unfortunately he was raised by Ron Paul and if you search this blog, me and the Paulistinians go way back and have had some epic battles. Rand is way to much like his old man--he is an isolationist in world where America cannot be. He has a mean libertarian streak, which i like in a lot of respects but he's a libertarian on issues I'm not. He could break out if he would show more support for the military, legalization of marijuana and the overall revamping of the the war on drugs--the worst remnant of the Reagan years.

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