Monday, November 16, 2015

The Latest on the Paris Attacks

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President Hollande unleashed his air force yesterday but it appears he's not quite so eager to unleash the ground troops. Liberals are always reticent to go all out when they are attacked. His thinking is that they'd be going it alone and that the indigenous forces should fight the battle. I find this strange considering the entire world is behind France right now, they are a NATO member and by NATO rules, they were attacked and an attack on one is an attack on all. Perhaps he's afraid Obama wouldn't join in or more likely doesn't even want to ask him and put him in the position to have to make a decision--something he is loathe to do with regard to military matters.

Speaking of Obama, he's not backing down from taking in Syrian refugees and will have a battle on his hands. Kentucky, Michigan, Texas, Arkansas and others have said they will not take them in until the system is fixed. Chris Christie also declined but Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (Democrat) said he'd be more than happy to take them. Of course he sits in Harrisburg--a long ways from either Philly or Pittsburgh and even terrorists don't like going there. Once again, Obama is going against what Americans want because he's Obama and he's never wrong...just ask him.

Obama also lashed out at his critics as expected. Just like he did with Putin when he essentially called him a pussy, Obama always tries to sound tough and manly but ends up coming off sounding like one of the idiot protesters at Dartmouth, Columbia and Mizzou. And of course, he's not going to change the strategy because to do so would mean he was wrong and Obama is never wrong...ask him again. He has the opportunity to leave a real legacy; instead of the worst job market in two generations, a healthcare plan that will cripple us and a plan to unnaturally keep interest rates low that will result in crazy inflation, he could've been the guy who led the coalition that defeated the barbarous ISIS and freed Christians, slaves and Kurds.

Finally, the US attacked an oil convoy today with A-10 Warthogs--the plane the Air Force brass has been trying to get rid of for a decade but is eternally loved by the troops. I guess the low oil prices come with a benefit: ISIS would be making a hell of a lot more money and buying a hell of a lot more weapons if the price of oil was $80 instead of south of $40.

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