Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Saturday. Today's a day of putting up lights, hauling up all the Christmas stuff and then sitting back with a couple of beers and chilling.

Here's what's going on:

-A white shooter was apprehended alive after killing a cop and civilians in a rampage that started at a Planned Parenthood facility. Also there's this: The shooters only online info shows he identifies as a female (via Instapundit). The motive remains uncertain according to the police:

"We don't have any information on this individuals mentality, or his ideas or ideology," Buckley said.
Of course that hasn't stopped PP and a bunch of of other liberals from blaming the Christian right, the GOP and everyone else with a conservative bent. While every terror attack by a Muslim is immediately blamed on anything else, in this case the left is forgoing the wait and see approach and going right the blaming angle. I'm sure the #BlackLivesMatter people at Mizzou will be upset that this story is stealing their publicity.  BTW, if you want to know why I said a "white shooter" at the beginning of this, it's because I still believe we should identify exactly who each perpetrator of a crime is from the outset.

-Meanwhile, the Turkey-Russia situation is still hot. Putin cannot let this pass without wringing everything out of this he can and the person he will be targeting to give him concessions is Obama.

-Even though strict gun control regulations are in place, Chicago is even more dangerous. Just another example of the Lefts goal of controlling weapons trumps the lives of poor black men in an urban setting. They use the poor who are dying as an excuse to seize your legally owned gun but they care nothing about them or else the piles of dead bodies would;t be as big.

-No, your weren't imagining it, college campuses are the reason we are a nation of whiny pussies.

-The VA has spent millions on pushing Obamacare to those who don't need and not spending much on cutting wait times.

-When the entirety of Obama's MidEast failures are put together in one place, it sure looks damning.

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