Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trump Is Going To Win

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The Republican National Committee is apoplectic right now. Donald Trump currently leads the polls in every state and nationally.

When Trump first announced he was running, the RNC looked at him as a novelty who stood no chance of winning. Then he started getting some momentum and they started paying a little more attention. While Trump gained in the polls, traditional GOP candidates like Christie, Kasich, Jindal and Rubio languished in single digits. How could this be? The guy is not even a Republican they exclaimed. He can't say the things he's saying they lamented. He'll say something so over the top he'll knock himself out of the race they snickered.

And still, only a few months before the first votes are cast Trump is dominating the race. He's packing them in in South Carolina, Alabama, Iowa and other locales. People like what Trump is saying and have relegated any concerns with how he says it to the back of their minds.

How did we get to this point?

First, Trump appeals to people who have had enough of the PC bullshit. You can only call a person a racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot so many times before they just don't take it anymore. People who are not any of those things take umbrage to being called those words simply because they disagree with the sitting president. They see the real cost of unchecked illegal immigration and feel that they have no power anymore. They see that America is still great but we have a president who doesn't believe it and takes every opportunity to bash this great nation. They see the race relations at the worst point they've been in 50 years and see college students whining about free this and free that while they get up and get their asses to work everyday. They see a president who has all but checked out. He's allowed others to lead and it's led us to the point where Americans are praising an ex-KGB old-school Soviet because of the void left by Obama. Trump is striking a nerve and people are responding.

As for the RNC, this is the worst nightmare they could imagine. With all other candidates, they could easily control them with money and the RNC machine. "Fine, you don't want to temper your stance Gov. Christie, we will withhold funds for TV ads and spread stories that can hurt you through the media" But they can't do that with Trump, he doesn't need them or their money. He can say exactly what he wants without impunity and that is the second reason why Trump is winning. He's not a politician, doesn't sound like a politician and seems to hate politicians. You want to change Washington DC, send in a man like Trump. The American people see the dysfunction and stagnation and want something--anything to get us moving forward again.

Finally, the GOP is pissed. Give us the House and we will will stop Obama and his trampling of the Constitution. So we gave them the House and they elected Boehner to lead. We got nothing except daily tears and more spending. Next they said, we can't do it with just the House, we need the Senate then we can really stop the Obama juggernaut. So we voted them in and won the Senate and they elected Mitch McConnell as leader. We got nothing except agreement with Obama on major issues and whining that they donut have 60 votes and can't get anything through. Now they want the Oval Office and the American people are saying "fool me once..."

The GOP as a whole and RNC in particular see a weak candidate on the Democratic side and know that they can gain power once again.  Except that damn plutocrat with bad hair and a hot wife keeps messing up their plan. Hell, at this point they'd even support the hated senator from Texas, Ted Cruz if it meant Trump was out.

It's so bad that the RNC and other Republicans are actively working against Trump even trying to get him off the ballot in some states. They want to change leadership in DC but don't want to change DC. They want to control the money and control the favors while keeping the trough open. Lobbyists have families to feed, you know.

Anyway, here's to Trump shaking things up. Was he my preferred candidate? No. Does he say some things that make me cringe and has he said things in the past that make me question his ideology? Yes. Would he make our nation great again as he says? Again, yes I believe he would. Can he win and become president? Yes, I believe he can. Face it folks, Trump is going to win and chances are he'll beat Hillary unless something drastic happens. In public, many people will say that Trump is horrible, etc. But when they get behind the curtain in the voting booth, they'll hit the button for The Donald. I'd be very wary of the polls because of this. I think Trump is actually at nearly 50% but people won't admit they like him for fear of backlash.

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