Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris and the Possible Death of the West

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Paris has once again thrust into the spotlight the simple fact that Jihadism is not going away. There's no reasoning with animals who would gloat about killing over a 150 innocent people. Yet still we are starting to see a return to the same thinking leaders had before this latest attack.

We were warned but the warning were drowned out by PC-ism. ISIS said loud and clear that they were sending people into Europe with the flood of refugees. In fact, at least one of the attackers came in through Greece and made his way to France. It took him all of a few weeks to procure weapons and set about on the worst act of violence in the French capitol since 1944.

They are using our openness: openness of our borders, openness of our people and openness of our society to hide and strike when the opportunities present themselves. We will not see another grand plan like 9/11 but will instead see coordinated attacks like we saw in Paris. The jihadi's saw the effectiveness in Mumbai and have elevated that scheme to a new and deadly level.

So what happens now? French President Hollande is talking tough but will there be true followup? Will he forge a coalition and put boots on the ground to truly defeat ISIS (and al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Nusrah Front) or will he send in a couple of squadrons of Mirage's, drop some bombs and say he did something? If Hollande does indeed lead and invade, will the US be beside him and send in troops to aide such a coalition? Obama surely would be in a bind making that decision. Especially since he declared the JV ISIS team contained hours before they killed 158 people.

But overall, the biggest issue is that we are kind hearted people who believe in doing the right thing. Letting hundreds of thousands of war refugees seems like the right thing to do and the media plays this up daily by showing the heart breaking pictures of children and women just trying to make a new start in the world. Disagreeing with these actions makes one a racist if you listen to advocates such as Angela Merkel and American liberals. So Obama sticks to his original plan and will allow 10,000 Syrians into the US without proper vetting and no followup to see what they do once here.

We either get serious about exactly who and what we are facing or we are setting ourselves up to erode away into a shadow of what we were. Paris is just the beginning, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. or LA are next.

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